Sunday, June 25, 2006

GFI Faxmaker Version 12 - Sort of a review.

Last week I was involved in a GFI Faxmaker version 12 installation.
I've always liked this software application from GFI. It's pretty good for the price. It's a budget faxserver but with reliability and ease of deployment. Unless you have some specific needs - like you want some tof features to work.

GFI Faxmaker 12 for exchange may install and work fine on Exchange 2000 or earlier but with
Microsoft Exchange 2003, a simple feature of emailing from Outlook 2003 was a reg hack on the faxserver. Maybe this feature installs properly if the faxing software is installed on the same computer system as the email server but in this case, it was a separate server and the feature did not go in right through the installation process and I had to perform a registry hack while following their tech support instructions. This registry change isn't even in their knowledge base as it shoud be since their support center closes at 6:00PM EST.

An added note about this install that does have much to do with the software but with the faxboard that is installed. It's a 4 port port called a Quatro+ 4 (four) . It does not have the feature of being able to read DID information from the incoming call and therefore cannot route inbound transmissions accoording to DID infoprmation. It can only do this using DTMF. To enable this, the drivers on the server for the card need to be changed to a conextant driver. This sounds like a patch job don't it? Brooktrout is the way to go.