Friday, December 29, 2006

Computer Remote Support Software

Computer remote support software

Computer remote support software that's an affordable alternative to the large corporation name brand remote support solutions. PC remote support over the Internet shouldn't have to cost an arm and a leg. A thousand plus dollars a year to provide software that gives tech support people the ability to use pc remote control to help remote computer users, desktop client computers, network servers, and others to get systems working again should not be a budget buster for small companies.

remote support software - The three basic features of remote support software are file transfer, remote access and control of the desktop over the web. These three basic features that a remote support solution should not have to lead to thousands of dollars per year and support fees. There are more cost effective solutions to meet the needs of support departments and companies that have to support their customers.

There are affordable solutions for web based PC remote support that don't have to leave your computer and tech support budget in a fiscal crunch. There are solutions that will enable every technical support staff member of your help-desk or application or system integration group with a technical support account and still be less than the cost of several accounts form the major brand name providers.

Device based remote support support is a thumbs down approach

Even more so will be the cost saving over appliance based remote support support solutions that have hidden costs for maintenance and support of their products. An example is that there's a claim you own the remote support solution but in reality, you do not. You may own the hardware device used as the server in between remote desktop client s and the tech support staff but by no means will you be free of charges. There are maintenance fees for the appliance and for the software. If you don't pay the high cost of the yearly fee, they charge exorbitant amounts for support or trouble tickets. For updates and upgrades you are paying for every bug fix.

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