Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NetGear PS121 USB to Ethernet Network

PC Tech Support . This is nice image depicting how a simple design can make a difference and with the software that comes with these desktop network print servers, it easy to select the server from the list of servers if there were more than one. The software that ships with the network print server does a discovery on the network segment for all printer server and presents you with a list from which you select which one to work with. Assign an IP address and other network info and immediately begin sharing the printer with having to connect it directly to a desktop. This server is that even though the interface and setup is not entirely geared for information technology in the enterprise network, it can be used in large environments if needed.

This is great buy and with good return. You can convert any USB printer to a network printer to share amongst multiple desktops and computers throughout your small office or home office. In addition, the printer can be setup on a Microsoft Windows 2003 server if needed and shared out like any other HP printer that has a built-in network interface card.
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Some providers charge just way too much, most of the free stuff means your constantly working to keep the application up to date, providers of appliance based solutions claim that you buy it and own it (and it's not web based but applicance based). You own but will pay for support and maintance forever - and that more often equals an amount worse than the
companies that provide the server for you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of things I realy admired about this unit is that even though the setup of them was easier with the provided desktop application utility, it wasn't required to remain installed or running on a desktop for the printer to continue working.

It also provided for an easy way to share the network object once configured with the ip address.

Wed May 07, 07:33:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Netgear made it so simple and easy to release any USB printing device from having to remain attached to a computer's USB port and make it a network device as if it came pre-installed with a network card. They even provide support for it so if someone is having trouble with the desktop application such as not being absolutely sure what to do to configure the network setting and making the service available on the network or even just installing the desktop setup application.

Wed May 07, 07:36:00 AM EDT  

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