Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange

Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange : Just my opinion & review.

I have only a brief story about this application for Exchange mailbox recovery. The Program is made by Quest software and it's called Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange.

This program is capable of mailbox recovery from an unmounted .edb database store or even from a tape which is what I found pretty cool. The recovery gives admins the ability to recover not only a single mailbox if needed (the whole Exchange mailbox store is not required) but even just a single message can be recovered. This I thought was very handy and leads to the next part of this post that I said was going to be short but I see the lengh just going on and on. I have not had the opportunity to see the software retrieve and restore a single message or mail box for that matter but I did use it for searching email.

The single email message recovery from a user's Exchange mailbox. This seemed fascinating and led me to this software for discovery of email. I had a client that needed to recover all email sent from a specific set of user from their company to a client of theirs. Of course the reverse was true as well. They need to see all the email that was sent from the client to employees of the company.

Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange in my opinion did not due a satisfactory job for me. If I need to find a single email from a mail box or two , maybe would have gain some sheers from me but I need to search dozens of main boxes for using various keywords. I had a ton of pst files that contained mush of the email needed for the recovery. The email was on pst files because this company had migrated from Novell Groupwise some years back to Exchange and part of the process of getting the email out of Groupwise into exchange included an export of the data. Hence, the large number of outlook pst files.

This is where I believe this program failed in providing adequate abilities as boasted y their sales people and their website. Oh, before I forget to mention it, just to get a demo license you have to contact their sales department. The the license only allows for 10 percent of the total data to be searched.

Here was my biggest problem with the software. The way this search worked was by searching the pst files one at a time. I could easily do that using Microsoft Outlook. To make this extra rip-off-ish, the search interface IS OUTLOOK'S!

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Anonymous Brian "The Hack" said...

The recovery features of the software may be better than it's discovery.

It has brick-level file backup capabilities of the information store and associated log files. It enebled recovery of a single Microsoft Exchange message or user mailbox. I think Symantec BE has this feature too.

Fri Jan 25, 11:32:00 AM EST  
Blogger Alex said...

Today I saw a tool on a blog-recovering outlook contacts.I tried this tool and it solved my old problems with mails in seconds and without payment.Moreover I saw how program restore all emails, contacts, messages, tasks and calendars are stored on server.

Mon Jan 11, 03:12:00 PM EST  

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