Sunday, March 23, 2008

Are all desktops the same?

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They are not the same in my humble opinion. Although many of the technologies they implement are the same simply because many of them are standards based and in demand by consumers, their implementations vary. The support absolutely varies and I find that HO, especially in the sever category has an edge on all the others especially Dell.

Dell has slipped from my favor many years ago. Before the slip, I believed their support was one of the reasons to buy a Dell. When I was asked what new desktop computer should I get by someone, my reply was spontaneously "Dell". Now, that has been tainted as dell had tainted their support. They believed somehow that people would not notice the big shift and degradation of their support. They are trying to build it back up and are doing an OK job but it's going to take years to fix the problem. Outsourced support has hurt them, no doubt.

So during that dark era for me with Dell, HP was the desktop of choice. HP made and still makes a reliable compacted system with various level systems to suite business, home users, casual users, novelists, etc.

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