Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Computer Desktop and Server Management

Computer Desktop and Server Management

Kaseya may have it's roots as a remote control program and indeed they still have this feature in their software application, but it's a whole lot more than remote control.

Kaseya offers a complete solution for you to offer your csutomers a managed solution for their desktops and servers. But it doesn't stop there, thier software can also monitor any device that has SMTP protocol enabled on it. One of the better differnces that exist with this software package over others that just monitor your devices is that on desktops and servers their is an agent that's pushed out and installed in a silent manner. It's a very small program and ocne installed updates the server that you host on its own. The connections from the client network to your hosted server is outbound so their are no firewall configurations required on the customer side. Of course on your side to enable the agent to communicate with your server, rules have to be be created to allow for the data to pass from the Internet side to your network and server.

The installed agent also has an option for the end user to submit a trouble ticket and the trouble tickets can be managed and monitored by a help desk staff. Depending on the number of users there will make a difference on the number of people you would need to track those tickets and provide support. they offer in addition to monitoring and providing support through a ticket system, the option to perform backups of selected desktops and servers. Built into their software is Acronis imaging software which is one of the best applications for imaging available. I've used Acronis Disk director independantly of Kaseya's software it works wonders. I had to resize a live server's partition and used Acronis disk director version ten and it did the repartitioning flawlessly. See blog post on Acronis at these two sites, http://pctechgo.blogspot.com/ and at http://pctechnow.blogspot.com/.


Kaseya can automate and manage remotely the following IT services:

  • PC Remote Control/Remote Support
  • Patch Management
  • Kaseya Computer Audit and Discovery
  • Remote Desktop Management
  • LAN and Windows Monitoring
  • Help Desk and Trouble Ticketing
  • Software Deployment & Systems Management
  • Network Policy Management
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware Detection
  • Cross Platform Support (PC and MAC)
  • User State Management
  • Power Management
The cost of the software can be quickly recovered ocne enough clients are added to your base. The fact that you can provide NOC type services is one of the great advantages that a company can offer to another is supporting their data and network infrustructure is one of the services you or your company provide.

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