Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Support Desktop Computers Over the Internet

For techs and developers readers, I discovered a web site that has a usefull service that permits you to take remote control of computer systems through the web to provide remote access support to your end-users. This is not a unique service or idea or a great find but the thing that makes this site and their service kind of special is that they don't add-in additional charges and don't have a pricing structure for their remote support solution. With a single account you can remotely access and control an unlimited number of desktops over the Internet using thier service with one flat rate. Also, unlike other services that may charge for the number of remote desktops accessed, minutes used, or bandwidth, there's none of that. Access as many computers as you need to and do from as many computers as you need to without additional charges or licenses.

Remote Support Software

With one rate and a simple cost structure, remotely access and control as may systems over the web as you need to. You could change the computer your providing remote support from as often as your like too without getting charged extra or having to request anything from them. There's no "license" attached to any particular computer system. Change your supporting computer and network as you need to. There are other sites that sell a program (an executable) that has your networks IP address compiled into it so if your network changes you have to get a new program. This is system is dynamic so that if the location that you provide remote support from changes, or the ISP providing Internet access for the location changes, you just make a simple modification on your user page to accomodate for it. The software that gets downloaded to the remote desktop automatically is aware of the change and connects for remote desktop support using the newly modified configuration.

PC Remote Support Software

There are many various vendors of online pc remote support software that offer their customers static support solutions. There are even others that provide you the tools to allow for the building of your own remote control program. What these sites do is create an executable program that packs in an IP address into it. The remote control software that downloads to the remote computer uses the address to connec to you computer. This works fine but what if your IP address changes? Or, you need to provide PC remote support from a different location other than the one that the program was created for - this presents a problem. The on-demand remote PC support software sthat you use to help your customers should be as dynamic as the world that's being supported. Computers and desktops change often, networks change too. How can a support program not change too.

Remote Assistance Software

One of the most popular tools in the work of technology today is the service or program that allows tecnicians, developers, engineers provide remote assiatnce over the web to their customers and end-users. Online remote assistance software is based on a simple concept. Use the network as the medium to get to the problem fast. Companies are more and more widespread with globalization and telecommuting becoming the norm rather than the exception. Getting to9 these system to provide support requires a more effieciant mechanism than what was avialable in the past.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How well does the remote support software work with the latest generation of Microsoft desktop operating system, Vista?

I've heard rumore that there are many remote support solutions that are having trouble with remote access using the new desktop OS?

Wed Dec 06, 04:25:00 PM EST  
Anonymous MrTechSupport said...

I enjoy reading your posts about tech support. Computers and PC tech support is more than a job or career, it a way of life for. I enjoy working with computers and providing support to my users both on the PC hardware and software level.

Sun May 20, 09:46:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous MrTechSupport said...

I read your post and I'm trying the computer support software you recommended. It is great so far. It really let's you connect to many computers and the "license" doesn't lock you in to any computer to support from or how many computers you can support. It's a breath of fresh air over other brands. Especially ones that give you just an a plain old executable program that your locked into and that's it. Thanks for the tip.

~ Mr. Tech Support ~

Sun May 20, 09:51:00 AM EDT  
Blogger stanemte said...

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Thu Sep 06, 05:16:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no remote control software that works with just a browser. That's entirely an exageration. Something has to be installed, period.

Just based on that, I don't think it's going to work as promised or marketed.

Wed Jan 30, 11:38:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remote support software has allowed my company to provide technical support to all my internal users and also our remote client. Our remote clients are connected over the web and we connect through the Internet with remote support software. Web based remote support software provides a mechanism for connecting to remote computers on distant networks. The computers just need to be online and connected to the Internet. With Internet access, remote support software connects and we have complete remote control .We tried computer remote support services that required the end-user to generate an access code but we preferred remote support software which we provide the key to the user. The user enters the support code that we provide them for the PC remote support software to connect to. Like Microsoft RDC or RDP connections , remote desktop remote control is instant. Once the remote user connects to us , we have screen-sharing with remote control through the web. We are not alone in using the web for remote support of computer desktops and PC computers. There are many services and also native operating system built-in remote control applications. Not like telnet, that is not remote control and it is not desktop screen-sharing. Telnet provides a command line console access to a remote system. With it, an administrator can run commands, execute processes, make some system changes, etc., but it is not screen-sharing desktop remote control. Remote support software is screen-sharing remote control access to remote computers. We use this type of software to remotely assist our clients through the web. Web based remote support software has enables us to support more users with less technical support staff.

Wed Oct 22, 06:02:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The remote computer desktop users need to access a web site with their browser. The browsers support by our remote support software solution permits the use of all major browser. It is backwards compatible so users even with outdated browser can still access online support through the web. The users just need to enter the support code we have provided them. They then click on a button that will start the process of connecting their remote computer desktop to our technical support staff. Our remote support technical support staff has a viewer tuning on their computer. The view is already set to accept connects form remote client for remote support. Our web based remote support software permits full desktop screen-sharing and full remote computer control. This remote support access on online through the web. Our customers and computer desktop users in general have become very familiar with this process as there are many online remote support software applications that work in this manner. Many Online remote support software solutions and web based applications are similar in that they typically require the remote computer user to access a web site with their web browser to initiate the remote desktop connection. The connections are generally initiated by using a remote support access code. Online remote support software then has a downloadable component, not necessarily installed component. The remote support component then is configured or obtains its connection information. It initializes the connection either to server in that will replay the connection to the technical support agent or will connect directly to the agent.

Wed Oct 22, 06:14:00 PM EDT  

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