Friday, December 29, 2006

Computer Remote Support Software

Computer remote support software

Computer remote support software that's an affordable alternative to the large corporation name brand remote support solutions. PC remote support over the Internet shouldn't have to cost an arm and a leg. A thousand plus dollars a year to provide software that gives tech support people the ability to use pc remote control to help remote computer users, desktop client computers, network servers, and others to get systems working again should not be a budget buster for small companies.

remote support software - The three basic features of remote support software are file transfer, remote access and control of the desktop over the web. These three basic features that a remote support solution should not have to lead to thousands of dollars per year and support fees. There are more cost effective solutions to meet the needs of support departments and companies that have to support their customers.

There are affordable solutions for web based PC remote support that don't have to leave your computer and tech support budget in a fiscal crunch. There are solutions that will enable every technical support staff member of your help-desk or application or system integration group with a technical support account and still be less than the cost of several accounts form the major brand name providers.

Device based remote support support is a thumbs down approach

Even more so will be the cost saving over appliance based remote support support solutions that have hidden costs for maintenance and support of their products. An example is that there's a claim you own the remote support solution but in reality, you do not. You may own the hardware device used as the server in between remote desktop client s and the tech support staff but by no means will you be free of charges. There are maintenance fees for the appliance and for the software. If you don't pay the high cost of the yearly fee, they charge exorbitant amounts for support or trouble tickets. For updates and upgrades you are paying for every bug fix.

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Anonymous MrTechSupport said...

Nice job. This is a nice post. Yes, tell the tech support compunity that there is an alternative to the high priced big named brands of remote control software. There are others.

Beware of the free stuff. Often the freeware remote support programs have a surprise waiting for the unsuspectin users - adware!

Fri Dec 29, 11:46:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be trying the system you recommended this week too.

It looks like it's going to be the right tech support solution for my company. We have a limited budget and three techs. We could realy save a lot of time and money by resolving desktop issues remotely.

Mon Jan 15, 01:59:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Jack Walsh said...


Wed Apr 18, 06:41:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The brand name support software is so expensive. It's nice to see a program and service CAN be released for the public and not cost an arm and a leg!

Tue May 01, 03:59:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Benzin said...

RHUB TurboMeeting is an appliance-based Remote Support solution that charges only one-time fee. There are no monthly charges, and since the appliance is self-updated, there are no maintenance charges either.

Fri Nov 20, 01:45:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't used rhub. My company utilizes computer remote support software and web based remote support software daily to assist customers remotely. We have tried several solutions of remote support software and there pluses and minuses with all of the variations. All remote support software solutions have a similar goal. Computer remote support software is intended to enable faster technical support. Technical support with remote support software lets technical support agents connect to the computer desktop through the Internet. Web based software for accessing computers and servers through the web has enabled us to provide faster technical support to our clients over the web. This has undoubtedly increased customer satisfaction because it takes much less time to access a computer over the web remotely than it is to dispatch a technical support person to go onsite. Onsite technical support still has a place in support but for many if not most computer problems, remote support software provides more efficiency. Accessing computers, desktops and PC computers through the local network and over the Internet is much more efficient and makes economic sense from a business perspective. We are able to address issues faster with less staff than if we had to dispatch a lager number of field technical support people. As mentioned, we have tried many computer remote support software products. Many remote support software solutions are similar. Web based support software requires the end-user to connect online to a web site and start an online session. The users connect with a web browser and click a link or button to start a remote support session. May remote support software products have the end-user generate the cod and tell the technical support agent what that number is so they may "join" their session. Other remote support software products have the code generated by the technical support side. Once hey generate the connection code they tell their remote user the code to use. I actually prefer this method of establishing a connect for desktop-sharing. The reason for this is the less reliance there is for the end-user to perform a task the less chance for error.

Tue Oct 21, 08:32:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My company uses remote support software with which we provide the end-user or remote client with the code to connect. i find this easier for my technicians because we are not waiting on the remote computer user to generate a code. When we provide the code for computer remote support software we save time by not having to wait for the remote user to do it for us and potentially make mistakes. If a mistake is made then we have to start over again. What would normally take a few minutes take up to 10 or 15 minutes at times depending on the user. Awe have our users got to the web site with a browser. In our case our computer remote support software can compatible and backwards compatible with a;ll major and not so common browsers. they enter the support code we give them to initiate the connection. They are prompted to continue as sort of a confirmation that they will connect to someone who will have complete remote control of their computer once connected. This is another feature we prefer with remote support software. We want to have from the moment the connection is made complete remote control of the system . Desktop-screen sharing wit h remote computer. This enables us to get to work fast. An example is just today we needed a user who was in a distant state from us to connect for remote support. We just sent an email with the URL to load in their browser and a support code. All they needed to do is to go to the web-site online and enter the code and lick the one or two prompts to continue with the connection. This was easier for the user. Within the same email with the simple instructions we had two different remote support software solutions. Once was the traditional end-user generated support code and the other was the one where we provided the code. They used the one for which we provided the code wight in the email. Computer remote support software has to be as simple as possible for the remote user. Although users are getting more savvy every year , they still need simple. they are already probably not happy since they are having a problem for which they need help with and they know their computer will not be available. So remote support software software for online web based support should not make things worse. Once this user connected, I immediately had a desktop screen-sharing session and with it complete remote computer control. I was able to start work right away instead of waiting for the user to send me back or read me back a code.

Tue Oct 21, 09:09:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous gtech said...

Remote support software is used by our company everyday. We use various forms of remote support software. some of it is software that is built-into some of the server hardware. Hardware such as servers from Hp and Dell have remote support software built-into them in the form of remote control accessible through a web browser accessing iLO and Dell DRAC technologies. These technologies provide remote support access through a web browser. Depending on browser and supporting technologies to facilitate the connection, the browser can require an add-on. Web browsers such as chrome will get an extension and browsers like internet explorer for example will have an active-x control added to them for remote control access. In both browser example, web based access can also be achieved with .net framework or Java already enabled and installed on the system. This type of remote support software gives us web browser based access to the server's console Other remote support software enables us to access desktop online . Online remote support software is computer remote support software that has at its core remote control. Computer remote control through the web is the basis for most online remote support software applications. Computer remote control online creates a connection between the remote desktop computer and the the local computer the support agent is performing their work from. We use several technologies for this as well. One example of the remote support software technologies we use is connection initiated by the remote user. The remote user can access out remote support software online wit ha web browser to start . This online remote support software access lets us get connected to computers and desktop we possibly will not need to connect to often or will be a one-off connection. Online desktop remote control suing this type of connection from the web normally requires a code. The software we use for online desktop remote control requires us to provide the code to our clients. We prefer this method because it is one less action the remote user needs to accomplish before connecting to us. Our PC remote control software is full desktop screen-sharing right from the connection is made. this means and differs form other remote support software for online computer support in that other remote support software services require the user to generate a code. We provide the code to the user to enter in the web form or in the standalone desktop remote control applications. The application when started, starts up with a prompt for the user to enter the remote support code.

Mon Dec 15, 06:35:00 PM EST  
Anonymous rudeawakening said...

Remote support software we prefer permits us to provide the support code to the end-user. This also allows us to send it in advance. We also use remote support software with which we have the option of sending support link to the user in advance. Additionally, our remote support software service also provides us with a standalone executable. This software for computer remote control online affords us the in some ways unique option to have the executable prepackaged in software installations and/or store the remote control software standalone program on a file server . When we save the stand-alone executable program for remote controlling desktops on a file server at a client office, we just need then to provide a shortcut to all the user's desktop. This is easily done with group policy. It is very quick and simple setup for access to a program that gives the user fast access to remote assistance and for us in enables a consistent method for our clients and users to connect over the web remote control software for online support.

Fri Dec 19, 08:18:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Jack Reed said...

On-demand online remote support for remote computer assistance has helped my company grow. We have been using on-demand remote control software for many years and from the initial moment we purchased and began using on-demand remote support we have been more effective in managing and handling the growing number of client support tickets. We still use other tools for remote control or remote control console access. We have even used multiple screen-sharing tools for computer remote control and online remote assistance. We have been able to access client computers over the web on-demand and have been able to maintain a positive growing relationship with our customers. With on-demand remote desktop control software we can access their computers online through the web in seconds sometimes and this speed enables us to begin the task of solving their current problem or configuration changes or additions. We can remotely with remote access and on-demand remote control software to connect to their systems through the Internet and add printers for example. Correct application errors or make adjustments in their application. We can configure email clients such as Outlook through the web.

Sat Dec 20, 12:12:00 AM EST  

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