Friday, February 24, 2006

Adding 32 new systems to busy medical practice. yahooooo.

Adding 32 new systems to busy medical practice.

OK. Some updates of what's been going on.

I'll start with my long project - adventure is more like it. I'v been rolling out new computers for a customer in Manhattan. They bought 32 new Dell systems that all needed to be setup on the domain and have the office software configured. Doesn't sound bad right? Well, it's a very busy medical practice and the computers are in all areas of the office includeing chek-in check-out, the exam rooms the doctors' desktop PC systems. At the same time I'm handling their day-to-day troubles. Which include the. I can't log in whines, and MS Exchange issues, slowness issues on some of the desktops, integrating medical equipment like EKG tester thingies. They have a company that supports their medical software but I've been their so much I'v been taking care of the problems for them. They have dameware installed on most systems for on-demand pc remote control and are able to push it out to the new systems.

The remote pc control software they use came in handy already since I needed their assistance to get the first exam room's software working properly. It was the first time I had to setup the software from scratch. I tried working with the config from the old computer and did great but the thing I didn't know was I had to have another peice of medical software running, Logician by GE (general Electric), on first use for it to complete the config.

I was so close but I'm glad I called and saved time. The remote support tech, Tony, just remoted in to one of the servers. He was using some other online on demand computer remote control software to access the server over the Internet then dameware for remote desktop control of the workstation.

Remote Computer Control

I like the software they use for computer remote control but I'm kind of favoring using PC Anywhere on all the desktops for my on demand pc remote support software of choice on the computers in the office. I could connect over the Internet using Microsoft Terminal Server then remotely access the computer systems on the LAN.

Supporting computers on the web

Online pc remote support software

There are many vendors providing solutions for remote support software service and software. With the many vendors comes numerous methods for providing online pc remote support software services. Many of which are web based and others that are standalone applications. Numberous vendors supply an ASP style approach which permits their customers to just log into their server and in turn their customer's end-users whom they are trying to provide on-demand remote desktop support to also just login into the third party server. Then there other vendors that require the purchase of a server that can be homed on their cusotmer's own network giving them that extra feel of security. By always knowing who has access to the server gives them added protection. In additionm, this method allows them to meet certain standards imposed by regulatory bodies such as the medical community. Remote pc control on the web in the medical community and remote computer access in general is begining to be more closely scrutenized and regulated.

Remote Support Software

The third type of on-demand remote pc control support software packages would be the stand alone applications. These come in multiple flavors. One is a full blown application like the famous symantec software pc anywhere which I believe has been for many years one of the best remote desktop control products for the enterprise for decades. The other type is one which the technical peron looking to provide support has a piece of software installed on their system and their remote computer user downloads an executable that's pre-programmed with networking information to get to the tech support person's network and computer. The two software pieces then connect up to each other providing the tech support personnel with remote control of the far-end computer on the web. Some of these ask fo addition security information and yet others do not. The drawback to this type of softare is the fact that it's pre-programming is hard coded into the software. Usually the way to change it is to purchase another executable. A more dynamic approach is to have the technician run a peice of software on thier computer as before. It could even be a browser add-on like an active x control. The remote computer side could still be required to downalod software in the form of a java applet or an executable but with both of these methods have the network information required to connect back to the support engineer allow for change. It either can download with updated information or can fetch the information required each time. By doing so the information is updated an not static. this permits for a more dynamic and cost effective approach that addresses changes in ISPs or change of locations.

The ultamate goal of remote control support of computers is to save time. In most cases, by saving time the cost of providing the service goes down. This tends to lead to more productivity from current staff thus decreasing the need to bring more technicians into the support group. With technology developing as fast as it does and just about all market segments moving and changing at speeds never before seen in the industrial history of the world the remote control approach lends to a faster more agile support work force.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

SOSTEK Remote Support created the SOSTEK system and provides remote support and uses a pay per incident system. The customer pays first then gets supported remotely after payment is received.

Below is an excerpt right from their web page:

SOSTEK Remote Support

What it's all about

SOSTEK remote support system provide a easy to pc remote control use solution that allows you to get your computer fixed without having to leave your home. Our fully qualified technicians can remotely connect to your pc with minimal fuss or effort. To remote computer control, it only takes a few easy step to get started!

The range of items we can fix using SOSTEK:

- Virus and spyware removal
- Fix email errors
- Full application set-up and configuration software problems*
- Application diagnosis and repair*
- Troubleshoot driver issues
- Operating system diagnosis and repair*
- General hardware diagnosis+

SOSTEK remote support system does not install any permanent software on your remote computer but rather just a "plug in" that is completely uninstalled and removed from your computer after the on demand remote support session is completed or ended. While remote desktop control is active, you can also disconnect at any time and end the remote support session.

This online pc remote support software is very safe and secure as it connects using 128bit encryption so data can't be seen by other sources.


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