Saturday, April 07, 2012

Chrome Surpassing Safari and Opera as the Browser of Choice on Apple macs

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Chrome vs Opera vs Safari : Browser Battle

Google's Chrome was released on several years ago and has managed to gain dramatic share in usage,. Although Google also supported Firefox, it seems it's abandoning Firefox and developing Chrome as the competitor of choice to Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer I believe will not be surpassed by Chrome. I find Chrome to a good browser and I use it daily on almost all of my computers but it does not have support for many of the things I need it for. 
For example, I connect to many networking devices and other appliances used in information technology as part of the infrastructure for managing or containing important information system. 

There are many who like and appreciate the "simple and clean interface" but that's all illusion of what a browser today is used for.  I personnaly dislike not having a menu-bar and no option to add one either. For average web usage such for browsing for videos, music, shopping or social networking, it works well. It lacks the support from developers to enable it to do as much as Internet explorer can. It's a browser, it's not a viable option in many cases to be a front-end application. 

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